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With the help of an abdominoplasty (also called “tummy tuck”), we can repair the skin of the abdomen, which can be saggy and stretched due to various causes such as pregnancies, weight loss, or ageing. If the excess skin is only under the navel, we can perform a mini abdominoplasty. If the abdominal wall is completely sagging, including the skin and muscles above the navel, then a total abdominoplasty is the best solution.

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Breast Lift

There are several reasons that cause a breast to sag and hang. Ptosis or sagging can occur due to pregnancy, weight loss, or genetic predisposition. Normally, the nipple projects itself in the middle of the breast, the volume of the upper pole is about the same as the volume of the lower pole.

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From €4.200,-

Breast Augmentation

There are several reasons why women may be dissatisfied with their breasts. For some women, their breasts are too small compared to the rest of their body. In others, breast tissue has become weaker after pregnancy or as a result of aging. It often happens that the breasts are of unequal size. A breast implant can help give the desired size or shape.

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Lipedema is a chronic, painful fat distribution disorder, in which there is an accumulation of fat and a deterioration of fluid discharge via the lymph. It concerns large amounts of unevenly distributed fat under the skin of the thighs, knees, calves, ankles and arms.

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Do you suffer from unpleasant fat deposits? Is your body out of balance and do you feel like you want to hide your body as much as possible? Many people want to lose weight for a beautiful and harmonious body. Healthy nutrition and sports help with that. However, sometimes no diet or sport regime seems to give the desired results. Perhaps, you are at your ideal weight, you eat healthy and exercise regularly, but the fat deposits remain in undesirable places.

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From €2.500,-

Lipofilling of the Breasts

This is a unique way to adjust the proportions of the body as desired and gives a natural result. In addition, only your own body fat is utilized. In short, lipofilling is the removal of body fat cells that are then purified and placed back under the skin to create contour, volume and skin quality improvement at the cellular level. The loss of volume that occurs as you get older is corrected with your own fat with a natural end result.

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