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When Botox?

Do frown lines, such as the vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows or horizontal wrinkles on your forehead or crow’s feet bother you? Then a Botox treatment is suitable for you! A treatment with Botulinum toxin softens these wrinkles or makes them disappear completely. This makes you look fresh, more relaxed and energetic. 

Botox is also very suitable for excessive sweating. Sweat production is inhibited for about six months after the botulinum toxin is injected into the armpits or palms. Migraines or tension headaches can also be remedied with Botox.

  • Subcutaneous volume decreases. Both the bone structures and the fatty tissue structures decrease in volume, which makes the skin less well supported.
  • The quality of the skin itself decreases, the skin is more quickly dehydrated, and the process of cell renewal is slower.
  • Muscle activity changes and muscle tone decreases with age; the lines in the face remain clearly visible while the muscle is relaxed.

These changes cause wrinkles and folds in our face. We distinguish the following types of wrinkles:

  • Static wrinkles and folds: Occur due to loss of volume and reduction in the quality of the skin. These wrinkles are mild and superficial at the beginning of the aging process and become deeper as time passes.
  • Dynamic wrinkles or mimic wrinkles: Occur when there is muscle activity.

The frown line is located between the eyebrows and can deepen over time due to repeated tightening.

0 No Frown Lines

1 Very fine frown lines 

2 Fine frown lines

3 Moderate frown lines 

4 Deep frown lines

Crow’s feet are small clusters of wrinkles and folds on the side of your eyes. These become deeper over time as you tighten your eyes, frown and smile.

0 No crow’s feet   

1 Very fine crow’s feet  

2 Fine crow’s feet

3 Moderate crow’s feet

4 Deep crow’s feet

Forehead lines are horizontal folds above the eyebrows. These lines may remain visible if the forehead muscles are frequently tightened by looking surprised or powerful on their own.


0 No forehead lines

1 Very fine forehead lines

2 Fine forehead lines

3 Moderate forehead lines

4 Deep Forehead lines


Treatment path


During the consultation you will receive the necessary information about the treatment and together we will discuss your wishes and expectations. The doctor will explain to you, which treatment is most suitable for you and will give you an honest advice about the expected result.

During the treatment, very small amounts of botulinum toxin are injected into the muscle. Botox blocks the transmission of impulses from the nerves to the muscles, causing the muscle to relax and the skin above it to glide. Because the needle is very thin and fine, the treatment will cause little pain.

After the treatment you may go home immediately, and you can resume your daily activities.  Maybe your skin is a little red or swollen, but this will go away a few hours after treatment. Cooling with ice packs if necessary, can make the redness and swelling disappear sooner. For a week, avoid excessive sun exposure.

Complications with this treatment are rare. Allergic reactions are virtually not seen. In exceptional cases, ptosis may occur. This is a temporary phenomenon. The cosmetic doctor will therefore always carefully consider which wrinkles are eligible for treatment.

A very limited group of people have antibodies against Botox. They will have no or insufficient effect. If you have a nerve or muscle disorder, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should avoid this treatment.

After a Botox treatment, your wrinkles fade away or sometimes even completely disappear. After two weeks, the effect is optimally visible because the muscle responsible for the wrinkles is then most relaxed. How long the results last vary for each person. It will take a minimum of three to six months for the botulinum toxin to wear off, after which the treatment can be repeated without any problems.

Treatments and Prices

Botox® Frown (1 area)

From € 120,- 

Botox® Forehead(1 area)

From € 120,-

Botox® Crow's Feet (1 area)

From € 120,- 

Botox® Treatment: Tension Headache

From € 120,-

Botox® Treatment: Excessive Sweating

From € 600,- 

Botox® Treatment: 3 Area's

From € 340,-

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