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Eyelid Correction

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An eyelid correction is a relatively minor procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia and takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the procedure (upper and/or lower eyelids). A tired appearance or a gloomy look are common complaints of people considering an eyelid correction. This procedure removes excess skin, fat and other tissue, and can also beautify the shape of the eye. This way, you get that fresh look again. A lower eyelid correction is also a good solution for bags. These often occur when the particle that is supposed to stop the fat has sagged. By firming this particle, removing the bulging fat and removing the excess skin, you will be rid of that tired eye.


Treatment path


During the first consultation everything related to the treatment will be discussed: what method is best for you, what result you can expect, the possible risks and the aftercare. You will always receive honest advice and clear information about the treatment and the period afterwards. During this consultation, the plastic surgeon will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for an eyelid correction. The surgeon will ask about your health, your medical history and what medication you are currently taking. You should stop taking blood thinning medication at least one week before the treatment. In addition, you will be asked what your wishes and expectations are. He can then indicate whether the surgery can meet those expectations and whether a combination with another treatment method can be an option. The doctor will give you additional information regarding the pre- and aftercare and the check-ups.

You will receive a preoperative prescription for an antibiotic treatment for one week, which serves as coverage for the operation. Do not use cosmetics and/or nail polish before the procedure.

Upper eyelid correction:

Pictures will be made before the treatment to add to your medical file. The surgeon will accurately mark how much skin needs to be removed from the eyelid. According to modern methods, part of the sphincter muscle must also be removed, as well as the excess fat. Then the arcade arch above the eyelid needs to be repaired. Since the scar will lie in this natural crease, this scar is almost invisible. During the procedure a narcotic fluid (xylocaine 2%) is injected with adrenaline. The adrenaline reduces the bleeding. After disinfection and sterile capping, the surgeon cuts away the strip of skin. The excess fat and a piece of the eye ring muscle are removed, meanwhile, burning the capillaries. The incision (continuous with Prolene 5-0) is then sutured. Ice goggles provide cooling.

Lower eyelid correction:

In general, less skin is removed from the lower eyelids, but the emphasis is on the correction (reduction) of fat and the bags under the eyes are more in the foreground. The scar lies just below the eyelash rim, usually slightly continuous in one of the skin folds to the side (crow’s feet). In time, these scars are hardly visible anymore. To enhance the effect of an eyelid correction, laser resurfacing can be applied to the outside of the eyelids to make the skin tighter and smoother. Oftentimes, laser resurfacing is also only applied to avoid scars and to achieve a more natural result.

After the treatment you can go home immediately, but you are not allowed to drive a car yourself. So make sure that you bring someone who can take you home. Your eyes will be swollen with possible bruises. They will generally disappear within a week. After one week, the stitches will be removed and you can go back to work. You may not exercise for 4 weeks, be under the sun-bed or in a sauna.

After an eyelid correction, it may happen that the blood loss is slightly more than normal. This is not serious, but it takes a bit longer before the eyelids look beautiful again. Sometimes you may not be able to open or close your eyes completely for the first time after surgery. To prevent the eyes from drying out you will be prescribed eye drops or ointment. After some time these complaints will disappear on their own. A specific complication with an eyelid correction is that after the treatment the skin is pulled tighter than desired. This can usually be rectified by a small correction. In rare cases, a so-called epithelial cyst can form in the scar.

An eyelid correction often makes a big difference: an operation that takes no more than two hours, you have you looking years younger. Because the residual swelling can persist for a long time, the final result can only be judged after about three months. During the final check-up in the clinic, photographs will be taken that will be added to your medical file.

Treatments and Prices

Upper Eyelids

From € 850,- 

Lower Eyelids

From € 1.100,-

Upper and Lower Eyelids

From € 1.750,- 

CO2 Laser-resurfacing Upper OR Lower Eyelids

From € 800,-

CO2 Laser-resurfacing Upper AND Lower Eyelids

From € 1.200,- 

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