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Do frown lines, such as the vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows or horizontal wrinkles on your forehead or crow’s feet bother you? Then a Botox treatment is suitable for you! A treatment with Botulinum toxin softens these wrinkles or makes them disappear completely. This makes you look fresh, more relaxed and energetic. 

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eyelid correction

An eyelid correction is a relatively minor procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia and takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the procedure (upper and/or lower eyelids). A tired appearance or a gloomy look are common complaints of people considering an eyelid correction. This procedure removes excess skin, fat and other tissue, and can also beautify the shape of the eye. This way, you get that fresh look again. A lower eyelid correction is also a good solution for bags. These often occur when the particle that is supposed to stop the fat has sagged. By firming this particle, removing the bulging fat and removing the excess skin, you will be rid of that tired eye.

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FaceLift (MACS-lift)

Nowadays, there are many ways to combat ageing of the facial skin. With slackening of the facial skin, a facelift continues to be the best option. Fortunately, a facelift today is not nearly as drastic and burdensome as it used to be. Due to procedures such as the S-lift or the mini-lift (where only part of the face is treated) a facelift has become a less major operation.

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Lipofilling of the face

he aging process in the face is almost always accompanied by loss of volume (fat) in the upper and lower eyelids, the cheekbones and around the mouth. Lipofilling is a unique way to adjust the proportions of the body as desired and gives a natural result because only your own body fat is used. In short, it is the removal of body fat cells which is then purified and placed back under the skin to create contour, volume and skin quality improvement at the cellular level. The volume loss that occurs as you age is corrected with your own fat through this method with a natural end result.

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Neck Correction

Neck corrections take place in day treatment, usually under local anaesthesia. But if you wish, there is also the possibility to opt for a sedation anaesthesia. After the procedure, you can immediately go home.

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The ideal way to reduce wrinkles is to restore the lost volume. Unfortunately, it is often not enough to treat only the individual wrinkles to achieve a youthful and fresh appearance. To counteract the effect of gravity and regain a younger-looking shape, the face needs a lift. Fillers can provide this. With Radiesse®, you give your skin a natural lift. The unique composition of Radiesse® stimulates the production of new collagen, which in turn makes a firmer skin. The individual results depend on age, skin type, lifestyle, metabolism and the treated area.

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Laser Resurfacing

CO² Laser Resurfacing-also known as Laser Resurfacing uses the Silk-Touch-Laser. The technique has been utilized since 1996, where the lines and wrinkles on the face fade away while also lifting the skin. This treatment is compared to a chemical peeling or dermabrasion- the most effective and best controlled way to remove superficial layers of skin. This is replaced by new skin while also lifting it. After the treatment, the skin is ‘rejuvenated’ in all aspects: it is smoother, suppler, less dehydrated, has finer pores and has a better complexion.

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