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When ? How?

CO² Laser Resurfacing-also known as Laser Resurfacing uses the Silk-Touch-Laser. The technique has been utilized since 1996, where the lines and wrinkles on the face fade away while also lifting the skin. This treatment is compared to a chemical peeling or dermabrasion- the most effective and best controlled way to remove superficial layers of skin. This is replaced by new skin while also lifting it. After the treatment, the skin is ‘rejuvenated’ in all aspects: it is smoother, suppler, less dehydrated, has finer pores and has a better complexion.


Treatment path


During the consultation the doctor will determine if you are a suitable candidate for Laser Resurfacing. You will be asked what your wishes and expectations are. After, he can then indicate whether the procedure can meet those expectations and whether a combination with another treatment method could be an option, such as a facelift or injecting a filler. Everything related to the treatment such as: what results to expect, the possible risks and the aftercare, will also be discussed.

Preoperatively you will receive a prescription for an antibiotic treatment for two weeks, an antiviral treatment for two weeks, an antiseptic ointment and a prescription for a special bandage which will remain on postoperatively for three days.

Before the treatment, photographs will be taken and added to your medical record. In the superficial layers of skin (epidermis) there are wrinkles and age spots. The infrared (i.e. warm) light from the CO² laser is absorbed by the moisture in the skin. As a result, the treated skin layer is removed and carefully wiped away with a gauze. What remains is comparable to superficial shedding. Lines and wrinkles are flattened, therefore less visible and age spots are usually completely gone. Because the laser is computer-controlled, work can be done with an accuracy of up to tenths of a millimeter. This way, there’s no chance that too much skin will be removed. If necessary, the doctor can vaporize a second or even third wafer-thin layer.

Laser resurfacing does not involve blood because the capillaries are immediately cauterized by the heat. A positive side effect of the treatment is that the underlying connective tissue shrinks, giving the face a tighter appearance.


The treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthesia. For this purpose, the area to be treated is injected with an aesthetic fluid. Many people experience this as the most unpleasant part of the procedure. If indicated, this treatment can be performed under sedation anaesthesia.

After the Operation:

Immediately after the procedure, the treated area is covered with a special Hydro-fiber bandage. This bandage stays on for three days. This ensures a better undisturbed wound healing, reduces the distressing sensation and the risk of infections is reduced. On the third day, the dressing is removed and you continue with an antiseptic (Flammazine) ointment. This ointment should be replaced every five hours until day fourteen. After fourteen days, you can camouflage with foundation and we recommend NIVEA (can: blue box) to moisturize the skin and reduce the feeling of tightness. The healing is then almost complete. The swelling of the skin gradually disappears, but the redness may remain for a few months.


After pain and Recovery:

The after pain is different for each client. Usually a Paracetamol is sufficient. The recovery period is painless. During one to two weeks you will not be able to work or participate in social activities. Also, the fragile new skin should not be exposed to the sun during the first months. After that time, you should use a good protective sun cream (SPF > 30).

As with most surgical procedures, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the aesthetic fluids, disinfectants or plasters. Sometimes there is disturbed wound healing, despite the fact that they may be sterile wounds.

The result of CO² Laser Resurfacing is a beautiful smooth and tighter skin that is less dehydrated and has a better complexion. In general, with good skin care, the result remains visible up to five to ten years. However, it is important to try to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and lines. Smoking, for example, eventually causes vertical wrinkles on the upper lip. Even if you get too much sun without proper protection, the effect of a Laser Resurfacing will quickly disappear. This procedure is only meant to give the skin surface a better appearance. For a correction of the facial contour, a facelift is the appropriate treatment. During the final check-up in the clinic, photographs will be taken and added to your medical file.

Treatments and Prices


From € 340,- 


From € 800,-

CO2 Laser-resurfacing above OR under eyelids

From € 800,- 

CO2 Laser-resurfacing above AND under eyelids

From € 1.200,-


From € 1.200,-


From € 1.200,-


From € 1.200,- 

Full Face

From € 3.000,-

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