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Neck Correction

When ? How?

Neck corrections take place in day treatment, usually under local anesthesia. But if you wish, there is also the possibility to opt for a sedation anaesthesia. After the procedure, you can immediately go home.

The skin of the neck is thinner than that of your face, which often causes it to age faster, become saggy and hang, or fat may accumulate and folds may occur. Sometimes two or more procedures are combined for the best result.


Treatment path


During the consultation, the doctor examines whether you are a suitable candidate for a neck/jaw correction and discusses everything related to the treatment: which method is best for you, what result to expect, the possible risks and aftercare. The doctor will ask you about your medical history, what medication you are currently taking, and so forth. Note that if you use any blood thinning medication, you should stop at least one week before the treatment. The doctor will also ask what your wishes and expectations are. He can then indicate whether the surgery can meet those expectations and whether a combination with another treatment method can be an option. 

You will receive a preoperative prescription for an antibiotic treatment for one week, which will cover the operation. Pictures will be taken before the treatment for your medical file.

There are different neck correction techniques that could be used.

Platysmaplasty (correction of the neck muscle): The surgeon makes a small incision on the underside of the chin. Through this incision, the skin in front of the neck is carefully loosened, the muscles are brought back together and permanently sutured with insoluble sutures. By means of liposuction excess fat can be removed at the same time. The procedure takes about 1.5 hours.

Neck liposculpture: The skin is numbed with small injections and a small incision is made under the chin and at the level of both earlobes. With a thin tube a liquid is injected under the skin. This fluid contains narcotics and blood vessel narrowing agents. After a period of exposure, the fat cells are sucked away by means of a fine, vibrating cannula. Removing the fat should be completely painless. At most a slight vibration can be felt. After the treatment, the incision is taped with an adhesive plaster. Afterwards, you will be given an elastic bandage to prevent bruising and swelling, and to redistribute the skin. By applying the vibro-liposculpture a lifting on the skin can also be obtained. The procedure takes about one hour.

Neck/Jaw Lift: The surgeon makes an incision behind the ear through the hairline to the back of the head. The skin is loosened from the underlying tissue, excess fat is removed and the sagging muscles of the neck are tightened. Then the skin is placed back, pulled tight and sutured again. The procedure takes about 1.5 hours.


Depending on the extensiveness of the treatment, a neck correction can take place under local or sedation anaesthesia.

After the procedure:

Immediately after the procedure, an elastic bandage is applied. This bandage protects the treated area and ensures a good recovery. If you have been treated under local anaesthesia, you may return home immediately after the procedure. If you have been under sedation anaesthesia, you may leave the clinic after a few hours. You are not allowed to drive, therefore, ensure that you arrange for someone to take you home.

After pain and recovery:

As mentioned above, an elastic bandage will be applied. You will wear the elastic bandage for one week. After one week, you will come back and the stitches will be removed. Any subcutaneous sutures will dissolve by themselves. You will still feel them under the skin for a while. Your neck and jaw will be swollen and blue in the beginning, but will gradually disappear over the course of a few weeks. Most people return to work after a week.

Risks and complications are rare. Allergic reaction to the anaesthetic fluids, disinfectants or plasters may occur. Infections occur about 1-2%, or disturbed wound healing or bleeding and risks associated with the sedation anaesthesia may be encountered.

When the elastic bandage is removed you can already see a substantial difference. The neck correction is a procedure in which the final result can be judged after about four weeks. The final result is formed after three months. During the final check-up in the clinic, photographs will be taken and added to your medical file.

Treatments and prices

Liposculptuur Neck and Jaw Contour

From € 1.450,- 

Neck lift Platysma correction

From € 1.650,-

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