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Do you suffer from unpleasant fat deposits? Is your body out of balance and do you feel like you want to hide your body as much as possible? Many people want to lose weight for a beautiful and harmonious body. Healthy nutrition and sports help with that. However, sometimes no diet or sport regime seems to give the desired results. Perhaps, you are at your ideal weight, you eat healthy and exercise regularly, but the fat deposits remain in undesirable places.

Liposculpture, the more refined form of liposuction, is then the solution to permanently remove disturbing fat deposits, improve your figure and brings your body back into balance. In women, fat deposits around the hips, waist, abdomen, stomach, upper legs and upper arms can be found. In men, the fat deposits are on the hips (love-handles), abdomen, stomach, chest and neck area. The fat deposits can also be found in other places, such as the calves, ankles, knees, back, bra straps, armpits, lower chin, jaw line and buttocks.

The so-called Tumescent Liposuction (under local anaesthetic) is an operation in which we use a special system to remove/suck away excess body fat. With this method the tissue is less damaged, the fat is removed in a targeted and permanent way. In this manner, we always achieve the best results, and you get the body that suits you best.


Treatment path


During the consultation the doctor assesses the unwanted fat deposits on your body. All information regarding the liposculpture treatment will be discussed and any questions or concerns will be addressed. Your wishes and possibilities are of great importance to us.

Subsequently, the doctor will perform a medical examination. In addition, he asks questions regarding your general health, your medical history and what medications you are currently taking. You will receive information about what to expect, the time schedule, the costs and the aftercare. You will receive a treatment plan/appointment and information to take home with you.

Prior to treatment, the parts of the body to be treated are carefully defined. Photographs are made for your medical file. Then you will be placed under local anesthesia. The amount depends on the area and the extent of the treatment. With a tumescent fluid, the doctor sprays the subcutaneous fat, through which it emulsifies. Then the fat is fragmented and aspirated using a narrow, vibrating cannula. After the procedure, the skin must be well supported, so that it can adhere evenly with the underlying tissues. Therefore, for six weeks, day and night, you wear a so-called pressure panty/liposuction pants, which presses your epidermis against the lower skin layers and reduces swelling to a minimum. The first 12 to 24 hours after surgery, wound fluid can come out of the wounds. After 24 hours you can shower again, but with the pressure panty on. The first week after the operation you will have to take it easy. However, light regular exercise or regular movement such as walking improves blood circulation, therefore helping with the healing process. After two weeks you can begin to swim. During the first 8 weeks intensive sports such as fitness/power-plate are strongly discouraged.

After 24 hours you will feel muscular pain in which every movement can be painful. Although it may be difficult, ensure that you continue moving in order to decrease stiffness and soreness. Due to swelling, the skin may feel numb; this will disappear on its own. If the adhesive plasters are removed after 8 days, you will see that the scars are very small and inconspicuous. Initially they are still a bit red, but eventually they become almost invisible.

With every operation, there is always a chance of infection or bleeding. The likelihood of these occurring with liposculpture is very small.

Liposuction/Liposculpture is not an alternative to losing excess body weight. The method is intended for people who suffer from fat deposits in specific places that are difficult to reduce using a diet or physical exercises. For liposculpture to succeed, the skin must have a certain degree of elasticity. As you get older, the resilience of the skin decreases. Nevertheless, good results can be achieved with a method called Vibro-liposculpture, where the skin even gets a lifting.

You can admire the new contours of your body soon after the treatment, keep in mind that it takes up to twelve months before the final result is achieved. You will have a new figure where your clothes fit again, you will be able to move and feel better once the excess fat has been removed. To ensure that the treatment has a lasting result, a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are of great importance.

Treatments and Prices

Double Chin, Neck

From € 1.250,-

Upper Arm Dorsal

From € 1.250,- 

Upper Arm Anterior

From € 1.250,- 

Lower Arm Complete

From € 1.250,- 


From € 1.250,-


From € 1.250,- 

Lower Abdomen

From € 1.250,- 


From € 1.250,- 

Lower Back

From € 1.250,-

Upper Back

From € 1.250,- 

Bra Straps

From € 1.250,- 

Knees (Inside)

From € 1.250,- 

Knees (Around)

From € 1.250,-

Thighs (Internal)

From € 1.250,- 

Thighs (External)

From € 1.250,- 


From € 1.250,- 


From € 2.500,-

The 3rd Area On The Same Day

From € 1.150,- 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since you will be awake during the procedure, it is a good idea to bring your headphones and phone so you can listen to music.

For the operation itself it is important that you bring the following:

  • 3 large towels, 3 small towels, 1 washcloth.
  • An inexpensive, (real large -XXL) nylon pantyhose 40den (no support pantyhose) and possibly a second pair for the arms.
  • A large pair of jogging pants
  • A pair of bathing shoes/slippers or Crocs
  • A bathrobe
  • A large pack (50 pieces) of large (maxi) maternity pads. Please buy the Pelzy Protect (you can find it on Amazon) or Hartmann Samu Plus 56 pieces MAXI
  • Duck-tape or armor tape (Ex. Buy in the hardware store). Please do NOT bring clear tape or medical tape.

During the surgical procedure, we clean the focused areas with an antiseptic solution called iodine. This ensures that any bacteria or pathogens on the surface of the skin are killed before the doctor begins. The doctor then makes small incisions on the skin where he inserts a cannula into the fat pocket filling it with tumescent fluid to numb the area. Once the doctor is done with inserting the anesthesia, he begins to remove/suction off the fat.

You will be given a compression garment that will reduce inflammation. You can still expect swelling and bruising for up to three weeks. You may feel sore or feel a bit of muscle pain but that should disappear within one to two weeks.

Yes. After the procedure, the skin must be well supported, so that it can adhere evenly with the underlying tissues. You wear a so-called pressure panty/liposuction pants, which presses your epidermis against the lower skin layers and reduces swelling to a minimum.

To ensure that the skin is well supported and obtained an even healing, for the first week you may not take off the panty, therefore you will shower with it on. After a week you may shower without it, however you must wear it day and night for 6 weeks.

You can see results immediately after Liposuction, however, there is swelling, and it takes time for the skin to adapt to the change. In order to see really noticeable results, you can expect to see them 3 months after the procedure, and after 1 year you should be able to see the final results.

After performing Liposuction, the fat that was removed does not come back. However, if you begin to follow an unhealthy lifestyle, (new) fat will begin to accumulate in your body. If you gain a little bit of weight, there won’t be much of a difference as your body distributes the fat evenly, however if you gain quite a bit of weight, fat will also accumulate in the areas that were treated.

Here at Lipocentrum Maastricht, we use a technique where scars are small and hardly visible. At first, they will be fiery and noticeable, however after a couple months of healing, they will be barely noticeable. 

The first week after the operation you will have to take it easy. However, light regular exercise or regular movement such as walking improves blood circulation, therefore helping with the healing process. You may swim after two weeks and during the first 3 months intensive sports such as fitness/power-plate, jumping, running is strongly discouraged.

Liposculpture has a likeness to liposuction. Liposuction removes the fat from unwanted fatty deposits. This includes the hips, waist, abdomen, stomach, thighs and upper arms in women and the hips (love handles), abdomen, stomach, chest, and neck area in men. In turn, liposculpture is not only about removing the unwanted fat, but also about improving and reshaping your figure and contouring in the right places.  

The type of liposuction performed at Lipocentrum Maastricht is Tumescent Vibro-liposculpture. This is a technique that utilizes local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, this way you are conscious throughout the entire procedure. Localized anesthesia is a lot safer and compared to general anesthesia there are a lot less complications. Tumescent fluid is infused into the fat layer and to help with easy removal. Then after there is enough tumescent fluid in the wanted area, the doctor will use a vibrating cannula using a back-and-forth motion to remove and suction away the fat.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The anesthetic lasts about 24 hours following surgery. This allows you to recover quickly without having to stay overnight. In addition, local anesthesia provides you the safest method and the least post-operative pain, all the while allowing the purest fat removal.

Many individuals believe that liposuction is a weight loss treatment, however this is not true. Liposuction is a fat reduction procedure where difficult, stubborn fat is removed that is not easily lost with dieting and exercise.

Yes! It is possible to reuse your fat to enhance and add volume to areas that are lacking. This procedure is called lipofilling. We perform lipofilling on the face, breasts, buttocks, as well as other areas.

The best way you can prepare yourself for the operation is bring someone who can care for you after the procedure and who can take you home afterwards. You need to make sure you do not take any blood-thinners one week before and one week after the procedure. This applies to Aspirin as well. You will receive a prescription for a one-week course of antibiotics preoperatively. This is to prevent possible infections. Start taking the antibiotic the day before the surgery, in the morning (three times a day: morning, noon and evening – 1/2 hour after eating) until the course is finished. In addition, you will be given an antiseptic soap to clean yourself with the day before and the morning of the surgery. You can take Arnica (e.g. Glubuli C200) for +/- two weeks before the surgery.

  • Do not take any blood-thinning medication one week before the procedure, this includes Aspirin.
  • Do not drive yourself to the surgery, please have someone bring you and take you home afterwards.
  • Do not wear any tight, uncomfortable clothing before the operation. You should be as comfortable as possible especially for after the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking at least

To achieve optimal results, you should avoid UV exposure, sun tanning or tanning bed use for at least one year. UV exposure can cause your scars to darken and appear more visible. If you do expose yourself to the sun, make sure you use sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher to protect your scars from harmful UV rays.

Drs. Roger Kroll

MD, Director and Founder

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